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I miss the old NFL. When hits were legal. When dropping to the ground while celebrating wasn't a 15-yard penalty. When quarterbacks' skirts didn't twirl in the breeze. When a regular Joe could go out and see the 'star' linebacker of his hometown team, and they have some drinks together. When the fan mattered. I'm not overly for any particular team, or against any particular team. I hate dynasties. I root for the underdog. The three teams I follow closer than most are: 1. Carolina Panthers (Carolina will always be my home) 2. Detroit Lions (family ties) 3. Houston Texans (went to Oilers games as a kid, love Houston) If following three teams instead of just one makes me a "bandwagon jumper" or "hypocrite", well, just look at the three teams and where they draft each year. Bandwagon jumpers are the former fans of the Jaguars, Broncos, etc that have somehow sold out stores of Steelers, Patriots, etc gear. Ask your average Steelers fan in a bar who the QB was before Roethlisberger. I'm sick of the Goodell administration. And the De Smith administration, for that matter. The way the league has become more aggressive about holding fans hostage, whether it be stadium financing, ticket prices, Albert Haynesworth, insane top-tier salaries, ridiculous rookie bonuses, expensive merchandise... It's disturbing. Recently, I've begun watching NHL hockey. It's refreshing to see a league desperately trying to attract fans, rather than risk alienating them for the almighty dollar. Make no mistake, I love the football at the NFL level. I just hate the idiots running the circus.

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